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$16.00 $9.00

GSS Sales Promotion From Jun 9, 2017 – Aug 13, 2017

Free Delivery with 2 sets of Ink Purchase

For Canon Refill Ink IC-41/51 Series

For Canon Refill Ink IC-40/41 Series

$16.00 $12.00

For Use with Canon Printer:
Pixma MP-145, MP-150, MP-160, MP-170, MP-180, MP-198, MP-218, MP-228, MP-237, MP-245, MP-258, MP-268, MP-276, MP-287, MX-308, MX-318, MX-328, MX-338, MX-347, MX-357, MX-366, MX-377, MX-397, MX-416, MX-426, MX-437, MP-450, MX-457, MP-460, MP-476, MX-477, MP-486, MP-496, MP-497