Who Are We

At SEPOMs, we are dedicated to giving you the best quality and service without compromise. All of our products have been designed and tested with the end-user in mind. From a printing and computing background, we realized the need for quality ink refills and a method that was safe, reliable and easy-to-do. Our internationally patent pending refill process is just that. The simple solution to refill your inkJet printers and fax machines. This refill process received a “Silver Medal” at INPEX XIV (America’s Largest Invention Show) and has proven itself throughout the market.

Our ambitious goals

“We hope you can enjoy the same benefits we have enjoyed from printing high quality results at a reasonable cost.”

We firmly believe

  • You will save 25-60% by refilling.
  • It only takes 5-10 minutes to refill.
  • Our water-based inks are environmentally friendly and will not damage your printer.
  • Our patent pending system ensures a no mess, easy refill process.
  • We only use vibrant, high-quality ink.

Our Awards